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SERVE Community Service Trips

June 29, 2014
Help Lehigh students make a difference in communities across the U.S. through volunteer service with the SERVE program.
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The SERVE trips are annual “alternative break” volunteer excursions that take place over winter and spring break. The program has been a part of Lehigh University since the spring of 1995, and since that time, over 1,000 students and approximately 30 advisors participated. The purpose of the SERVE program is to enable participants to build partnerships with other individuals around a common goal: to gain greater awareness of the great diversity of needs within our country, to deepen their commitment to social change and civic engagement, and to make a difference in a real and tangible way. This is an opportunity to spend time helping those in need, while also having fun and gaining experience that will last a lifetime. Through offering hands-on engagement, these eye-opening trips expose the needs of individual communities within our nation.
While the program always generates a great deal of interest from potential participants, the financial obligation is burdensome for some volunteers. Donating to the SERVE program would mean that subsidies could be applied to the costs of transportation, lodging, and food costs, easing the burden and providing this unique opportunity to be shared with a greater array of students.

While there is certainly a lot of work to be done within our local community in South Bethlehem, there is also so much to be gained from volunteering in other communities, many of which are faced with a variety of different issues that need attention. The Community Service Office stands as a testament to the great positive impact that Lehigh, and all its resources, can have within a community like South Bethlehem. Your contribution enables farther-reaching trips to locations all across the country, educating students about the diverse issues facing our nation, and spreading the great name of Lehigh University to new communities.

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