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Lehigh University Pride Center

June 30, 2018
Your gift supports the Pride Center in our work to create a world where all genders and sexualities are able to thrive as their full selves
$12,043 raised
$10,000 goal met
Project Deadline Passed Stamp

The Lehigh University Pride Center for Sexual Orientation & Gender Diversity exists to build a just, equitable world through community building and the pursuit of change. Our work engages students, staff, faculty, alumni, prospective students, and community members both locally in South Bethlehem and beyond.

This academic year, we are focusing our fundraising efforts on the following areas:

Connecting LGBTQ+ communities to one another is a critical part of ensuring that our communities thrive. Peer mentorship, as well as connecting students, staff, faculty, and community members, is a key focus area for the 2017-2018 year.

The Pride Center may not be a formal classroom, but learning takes place there daily. We are excited to grow our efforts to produce and support LGBTQ-focused scholarship.

For us, leadership is a process accessible by anyone that involves knowing and living as your full, authentic self. We strive to recognize and cultivate inclusive leadership whenever possible.

Gifts from people like you make an enormous impact on the lives of LGBTQ+ people at Lehigh and beyond. Please make your gift today!

If you have any questions, please contact our Director, Chelsea Fullerton at
For more information about the LU Pride Center, please visit our website:

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