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Office of Multicultural Affairs

June 30, 2018
OMA promotes Lehigh's commitment to diversity and inclusion through providing resources and advocacy for students.
$505 raised
$7,495 to go
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The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) promotes Lehigh's commitment to diversity and inclusion through providing resources and advocacy for students from historically marginalized populations. We strive to preserve and celebrate culture, history, and diverse lifestyles across our Lehigh University community, specifically our student body. Our goal is to help retain and recruit these students while enhancing their experiences through cultural programming, workshops, support groups and education.

We work to offer a robust array of programming that affirms diversity within our campus community in its many forms, embracing of broad definition of culture as worldviews formed by race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, ability, and sexual orientation.

Our Mission

  • To serve as an advocate, resource, and vehicle of support for diverse students and their families in and outside of Lehigh University.
  • To build an active partnership with fellow colleges, offices, and organizations at Lehigh University in an effort to enhance an inclusive, outreaching, and growing multicultural community.
  • To challenge members of the Lehigh community to explore their own culture and the culture of others in the campus community in an effort to enhance greater multicultural awareness and promote dialogue exchange.
  • To respond thoughtfully, intellectually, appropriately, and competently to the needs of fellow Lehigh students, their families, faculty, staff, and alumni concerning multicultural affairs.
  • Funds donated will assist with the following goals:

    Professional Development
    As a unit, we are dedicated to fostering a holistic learning environment for our student employees. Identifying current skills and championing for additional transferable skills will not only increase their knowledge acquisition, but also transform them into graduates of well-rounded conscientious citizens. Exposing our student employees to various forms of professional development, both informal and formal, will serve as the catalyst for such transformative growth.

    Leadership Development
    Identity based support groups has proven to be one of the many factors that assistance in the retention and matriculation of students of color. It's proven to be a vital component of fostering a sense of belonging. As such, our Men of Color Alliance (MOCA) and Circle of Sisters (COS) is undergoing an overhaul. With the development of a more structured curriculum, programming will highlight - identity development, community engagement, and "real talk" series - which will delve into topics that's relevant to men and women of color.

    Our society is ever evolving. New language is emerging, people are stepping into many forms of identities. It's essential that the Office of Multicultural Affairs exhibits such growth through literature. The "soul" of OMA the Multicultural Resource Center or as it's affectionately called the "M-room" is in need of more literature that reflects such shifts racial and ethnic politics.

    Mentoring Program
    Mentoring matters. There are many elements to navigating college: academic and social - just to name a few. The Office of Multicultural Affairs is dedicated to create a mentoring program where first-year students of color are paired with upperclassmen and faculty and/or staff. The goal is to assist our students in their pursuit of curricular and co-curricular success. Developing an arsenal of resources would be extremely instrumental in this new endeavor.

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