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Newman Center

June 30, 2015
Targeted fundraising to specifically benefit student programming within the Newman Center - for those that enhance Catholic life at Lehigh.
$11,184 raised
$3,816 to go
Project Deadline Passed Stamp

Lehigh University’s Catholic Student Union is thriving in the Newman Center as the University Parish of Holy Ghost. The Newman Center offers students a home-like atmosphere for students to pray, study, socialize with friends, and grow in faith.

The Catholic Student Union sponsors programs like lectures, workshops, stress-relieving activities, religious holiday retreats, and community service allow students to grow stronger in their faith. By giving to the Newman Center, you will be helping to support our mission which is to simply love, enrich, foster and strengthen the awareness of the universal family on Lehigh's campus.

Group Leaders
Phil Schoen '00 and Judi Schoen '02

Honor Roll of Donors

Dean A. Abshire '06P
Susan M. Abshire '06P
Yuhua Chen '14
Michael J. Connor '80 '14P
Ronald Corcoran '04P '07P
James J. Duane III '73 '04P '06P
Michelle V. Duane '04P '06P
James J. Finnegan '85 '90G '94G
Lynne V. Finnegan '86
Carl S. Frensky '50 '60G
David Kazibwe-Zziwa '16G
George Klacik, Jr. '68
Suzanne Klacik
Anne R. Kline '81
Dawn Kuklinski
Gregory J. Kuklinski '98
Joseph M. Lee '90
John F. Legath, Jr. '78
Lee Ann Lusardi Connor '79 '14P
John S. Mraz '71 '93G
Estefania Perdomo-Calero '15
Geoffrey P. Pohanka
Herman J. Ramig '66
Judith A. Schoen '02
Philip E. Schoen '00
Diane C. Serafin '80G '90G
Leroy J. Tuscher '93P 'F/S
Scott W. Wojciechowski '09 '10G
Meghan F. Wolf '02 '03 'F/S
Sean C. Wolf '02

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