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The 2016 Mountaintop Experience

Mountaintop Summer 2017 Program Support

June 30, 2017
Your gift will shape the future of higher education at the top of South Mountain.
$1,175 raised
$3,825 to go
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As the demands of our world change around us, the ways in which we educate our students must respond to those changes. Right now we have the power to distinguish Lehigh as a university where both "place" and "face-to-face" make the difference ... where students are given room on top of South Mountain to work together to develop the 21st-century skills they can only learn in real time: effective collaboration, problem solving, information analysis, risk taking, creative thinking, resilience.

At Mountaintop, we have the unprecedented opportunity to create a distinctive model of learning, where education comes from taking on and conquering unscripted challenges in the real world.

At Mountaintop, students set their own destinations and direct their own journeys—an experience that tests their motivation, resourcefulness, and resolve in new and powerful ways. The approach is simple: Students are asked to select a specific problem or question and then given the time, place, and resources to follow their self-directed line of thinking to conclusion. Alongside peers and mentors, in a flexible space on our mountain, they dream, sweat, and innovate. Whether they uncover a brilliant solution or find themselves negotiating seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Mountaintop students learn invaluable skills and life-changing lessons they cannot obtain through any other type of higher education experience.

ACT with Us.
To ensure that Lehigh students can continue to mold the future of higher education at Mountaintop, their projects require funds to support both undergraduate and graduate student stipends—a $4,500 and $6,000 investment respectively—and purchase the materials and technology used to solve each open-ended research question during the summer. Each Mountaintop student group comes to an average financial investment of $50,000.

Mountaintop 2016
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With your support, we can make Mountaintop the signature experience of a Lehigh education and a national example of leadership and innovation in higher education. The concept has been proven. The time has come. Join us to make the Mountaintop experience available to all Lehigh students year-round. Please make your gift today.

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