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Marching 97

June 30, 2016
The Marching 97 needs your support! Your gift will help us purchase needed equipment and uniforms.
$2,265 raised
$7,735 to go
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The Marching 97 is one of Lehigh’s oldest and most prominent organizations, going back to 1906. Between going to almost every football game and playing at various other Lehigh events, we do a lot in a given year and we'd like to do even more! However, this puts a strain on our already thin budget. Our upcoming season will see the following challenges:

1. Instruments: The maintenance of older instruments and the purchase of new ones is an ongoing struggle. Just this past year, we had to overhaul our piccolos (some of which are more than 50 years old), baritone saxophones, and sousaphones.

2. Uniforms: We are incredibly proud of the uniforms that we donned 5 years ago! However, as more (and sometimes taller) students join our ranks, we must continually update our stock, as well as repair the ones that we have.

The Marching 97 needs your support!
To help offset these yearly costs, we are asking for any monetary donation you would be comfortable making; we would be forever indebted to your generosity.

Your gift of:
$6,000 buys us one new sousaphone.
$2,000 buys us one new alto saxophone.
$500 buys us one new band uniform.
$80 buys us new music for a half time show.
$10 buys a freshman his or her dink.

As we look to develop and expand the scope of the Marching 97, we rely on you to ensure that future generations of students can have the same psyche that we have today. Please make your gift today and help us continue to be the Finest Band East of All Points West!

For any questions about the campaign, please contact the Staff Assistant, Alex Ferencin, at
To learn more about the Marching 97, you can visit our website at

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