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LU Swing Dance Club

June 30, 2015
The goal of this project is to enable the swing dance club to travel to off-campus venues for lessons and social dances.
$1,513 raised
$1,500 goal met
Project Deadline Passed Stamp

Our Mission

To enable students to learn and grow in their knowledge of East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston, and West Coast Swing.

How to achieve our mission:
We host weekly lessons and social dances every Wednesday night in Lamberton Hall. This past year we have begun to frequently travel to other venues, such as Pottstown’s Swing Kat, Philadelphia's Lindy and Blues and Penn State University’s Swing Dance Workshop. Given the amount of travel that the club members have come to enjoy and given the number of upperclassmen (who have had internships and jobs, a.k.a. money) that are graduating, the next academic year is going to be hard for the swing club to sustain such an active community due to monetary restrictions. This fund looks to allow the Swing Dance Club to continue to explore dancing outside of Lehigh and enable students to grow as swing dancers.

Our Goal

$1000 - A lofty goal for a young club but this money could go a long way for us. This would encourage more people to drive to other venues and take the financial burden off their shoulders.

What if we raised a $1000 and spent it to entirely support one of our standard trips until the fund ran out…

(Numbers taken from IRS’s standard charitable cents per mile (0.14 cents per mile))
Excludes Toll costs
1. Trips to Philly (Lindy and Blues)

* 63 Trips is covered by $1000
* We bring at least one car once a week.
* Lasting Effect: 2 Academic Years
2. Trips to Pottstown (SwingKat)
* 110 Trips is covered by $1000
* We attend Pottstown dances typically 4 times per semester, each time bringing 3 cars.
* Lasting Effect: 9 Academic Years
3. Trips to Penn State (Swing Workshop)
* 20 Trips is covered by $1000
* We attend PSU’s workshop once per semester. Bringing two cars each time.
* Lasting Effect: 5 Academic Years
** This excludes hotel expenses ** If we subsidize hotel expenses, lets say a $50 stipend per car for the weekend to minimize hotel costs for students.
** Lasting Effect: ~2.5 Academic Years"

Group Leaders

Stephen Louie '14
Adam Schaub '14

Honor Roll of Donors

Amanda N. Daddona '09
Yasiel Cabrera '15
Jennifer L. Brown '14
Megan S. Freed '15
Lauren A. Dow 'F/S
Yu Hin Hau '13
Stephen R. Louie '14
Danica K. Wallace '18P
Edward D. Wallace '18P
Greyson K. Parrelli '14
Anna Mary Wallace
Barry J. Schaub '14P
Linda M. Schaub '14P
Marie Flego
Ronald Louie
Sharon Louis
Juliet Louie '14P
Robert E. Louie '14P
Kara Louis
Adam M. Speen '07

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