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Thank you Lehigh donors!

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June 30, 2015
Annual support of the Lehigh Fund by alumni and friends makes the Lehigh experience possible for today’s young men and women.
$15,744,699 raised
$255,301 to go
Project Deadline Passed Stamp

Impact of Your Gift
Your annual gift to the Lehigh Fund helps provide an essential bridge between endowment and tuition revenue and the university’s operating budget.

Every Gift Has Impact
Each and every gift to the Lehigh Fund makes a difference; no matter what the size. Last year, 17,500 donors collectively gave more than $13.7 million to the Lehigh Fund. It would take close to $300 million in endowment to generate that same level of funding for Lehigh students and programs in a single year.

Alumni gifts also count toward Lehigh’s participation rates which are used by evaluators such as U.S. News and World Report to determine the university’s rankings. An annual gift is an ongoing “vote of support” for Lehigh and the value of your degree.

Where Do the Dollars Go?
Lehigh’s top priority is providing financial aid. Due to the country’s recent economic decline, financial aid needs of students are greater than ever, even as the university’s income from endowment has decreased. Undergraduate financial aid ensures students of the highest caliber are able to attend Lehigh regardless of their financial circumstances. While more than 50 percent of all students continue to receive financial aid, the typical Lehigh financial aid package has increased from $13,668 to $30,528 over the past 10 years. Today’s package covers about half the total cost of a Lehigh education.

Last year, more than $6 million—almost half of all Lehigh Fund dollars—went directly to financial aid to bridge the gap between endowed funding for financial aid and total student need.

You can also choose to direct a gift to the program or project of your choice. Last year, more than 400 academic and student programs received alumni-directed support through the Lehigh Fund.

What Can You Make Possible?
Here are some examples of what can be done with the collective power of Lehigh Fund and Asa Packer Society gifts:

$50 provides a tank of nitrogen for teaching and research.
$60 equips an athlete with a pair of shoes.
$300 registers a student for a national competition.
$500 sends a coach on a cross-country recruiting trip.
$1,000 provides software packages for several campus computers.
$5,000 provides gear and uniforms for an athletics team for the year.
$7,500 covers the cost of an annual student affairs conference, helps establish a paid part-time coaching position, or defrays the cost of a community service trip for students.
$10,000 to a college helps support a guest speaker series.
$10,000 provides almost full support for a typical financial aid package for a student for a semester.
$25,000 provides for an additional graduate assistant for a year.
$25,000 allows 10 students a year to travel internationally for coursework.
$25,000 provides almost full support for a typical financial aid package for a student for a year.