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LeaderShape @ Lehigh

June 29, 2014
Do you have a healthy disregard for the impossible? Support LeaderShape, an institution that transform students into leaders.
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This year, Lehigh is hosting the inaugural LeaderShape at Lehigh! Sixty Lehigh students will be given the opportunity to participate in this nationally recognized six-day institution to develop leadership skills. Over the course of these six days, attendees will gain invaluable leadership experience and create everlasting connections with other Lehigh students. In addition, students will discover what they value and learn how to incorporate their values into their vision for the future. Through this experience students are led to create a blueprint towards their envisioned plan.

Not only will this transform students into leaders but it will also aid in Lehigh's advancement towards a more just and caring community. On a larger scale, LeaderShape will affect many of the global issues our world faces such as sexism, poverty, environmental issues, abuse, discrimination, barriers, apathy, racism, etc. Past LeaderShapers have gone on to serve the community in various ways. Rose Tatarsky '16 is an active student who serves the community and volunteers at the local homeless shelter during her free time. Ralph Jean-Noel '15 founded the From Beneath the Rug (FBR) group who strives to create a more just society by giving a voice to all the groups on campus who feel marginalized by the Lehigh community.

“LeaderShape® was a very powerful experience for me. It gave me the tools necessary to think from different perspectives that I have never even imagined. I developed a new scope of the world, for what it really is, rather than how I see it through my own eyes. The people, energy, and love at LeaderShape® sparked an entrepreneurial spirit to instill the change I want to see within my local community. I learned that we as one are great, but together, we can change the world.”
-Ralph Jean-Noel, Lehigh student and LeaderShape alumnus, Class of 2015

Please help us take the first step towards transforming our world into a more just and caring world by donating any amount. All donations will go into funding our inaugural LeaderShape institute this summer.

LeaderShape mission: “To expand the community of people who live with integrity and have a healthy disregard for the impossible.”

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