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Lehigh Hyperloop

March 17, 2017
Help Lehigh's Hyperloop team build its high-speed train system for final phase of the national SpaceX competition.
$15,679 raised
$10,000 goal met
Project Deadline Passed Stamp

Who we are:
Our mission at Lehigh Hyperloop is to develop a design and build a prototype for the Hyperloop transportation system proposed by Elon Musk. We are competing in a contest initiated by SpaceX with many other highly-skilled teams to design the best Hyperloop!

The Hyperloop itself is an aerodynamic pod meant to travel inside a tube that has near-vacuum pressure. Our prototype could travel as fast as 800 kph (500 mph) and would revolutionize the transportation industry. It is our dream at Lehigh Hyperloop to have some part in making this vision a reality.

Why we need your help:
Our progression through the build phase has been extraordinarily successful. We have a 2000 lb life-sized pod! The big race in California is coming up, and to compete against the top 30 teams there is still much work to be done. On that note, although SpaceX had moved the first race to mid-January 2017, there will still be a second year of competition that begins its design phase in January and we are preparing to enter again.
A gift to this team will provide assistance for final testing, brakes, lateral controls and propulsion equipment, transportation for members and the pod, and assistance in our efforts to gather equipment for round two of building a Hyperloop!

For any questions, please contact the Team Design Lead, Seamus Cullinane at or Team Treasurer, Mike Trongone at
To learn more about Lehigh Hyperloop, you can visit our website

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