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Lehigh University Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders 13-14

June 30, 2014
Fund a water system in Nicaragua or Honduras, hydroelectric turbines, solar-powered cookers and more through LU's Engineers Without Borders
$2,075 raised
$2,925 to go
Project Deadline Passed Stamp

The primary goal of our project in San Juan del Sur is to provide a potable water system and composting toilets to the students of the Free High School for Adults (FHS).The FHS provides free education for nearly 700 adults in Nicaragua. By providing these students with access to clean drinking water, EWB-Lehigh will help to create a sustainable home campus for FHS and cut-down on the number of absences due to water-born illnesses. This funding would allow our organization to finance the construction and maintenance of these water sanitation and distribution systems, and also contribute to the costs of travel, materials, and implementation.
-By donating $20, you are financing the drilling of 6 inches of our 210-foot well!

Lehigh EWB has an ongoing project in La Fragosa, Honduras, a small village with a permanent population of approximately 175 people and an additional 150 migrants during the coffee season. Chronic sickness keeps the inhabitants out of work and school for long periods of time due to the fact that out of the 48 permanent families, only four have access to clean water. EWB-Lehigh strides to bring clean, potable water to this community by building a concrete tank, chlorination system, and piping to each house. Due to Government regulations, we currently cannot travel to Honduras, but we are committed to raising the funds needed to follow through and implement our designs through a local Honduran organization.

Some of this funding will also go towards domestic projects and research, which will benefit both local and international communities. While our chapter has several ongoing projects in local areas, two major projects involve developing portable Solar Cookers and a hydroelectric turbine (the “Campus Hydro” project). During the recent January 2014 trip to Nicaragua, the community was impressed by the idea of solar cookers, and some of the FHS students even volunteered to test out prototypes. Our engineering team at Lehigh has been given a budget to design and prototype multiple models of portable and household Solar Cookers to be implemented in Nicaragua and third-world countries. The Campus Hydro project involves building a turbine to generate electricity from a river on Lehigh’s campus, which will pay for itself in a few years as it powers student activities, engineering creativity, and sustainable development.

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