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June 30, 2017
Delta Chi will provide five $500 scholarships to current students for excellence in academics, service, and leadership.
$502 raised
$1,998 to go
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Improving the Present
We in Delta Chi believe that a fraternity’s strength comes not from its size, but rather from the quality of its brotherhood. With an active brotherhood of 30 members—one of the smallest on campus—we cannot ignore the effect that size has on our fraternity. For both of these reasons, we have decided to provide five $500 scholarships for excellence in academics, service, and leadership. We believe a lot can be gained by encouraging brothers to further improve themselves, the fraternity, Lehigh, and the Bethlehem community. Our goal is to acknowledge and reward them for these efforts.

Building the Future
Size is not the driving factor behind a fraternity's strength, but, as many Lehigh Delta Chi alumni know, the more members that we have, the more that we're able to accomplish. With these scholarships, we hope to encourage more like-minded potential members to join Delta Chi and contribute to our continued efforts to better ourselves and the communities of which we are a part.

Ensuring Our Longevity
We, the current brotherhood, acknowledge that our time here at Lehigh will soon come to an end. Our bond through Delta Chi, however, is something that lasts a lifetime. We have bridged gaps between generations of Lehigh graduates and learned not just about Delta Chi's history, but Lehigh's as well. We want to continue to grow both in quality and size, so future members can have the same experiences that we have had, and future alumni can have a place to return to year after year.

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