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May 5, 2017
Choral Arts carry on traditions embedded into Lehigh's history, enriching the cultural atmosphere of the University.
$17,578 raised
$15,000 goal met
Project Deadline Passed Stamp

Lehigh Choral Arts Mission:
Lehigh University Choral Arts is a home for students and community members from all walks of life, a tight-knit family extending back through generations of Lehigh singers. Four ensembles comprise Lehigh Choral Arts: Choral Union, University Choir, Dolce, and the historic Glee Club, which is enjoying its 138th year. This 2016-2017 season, Dolce will be commemorating it's 10th year in existence in accordance with 45 years of women at Lehigh. The Choral Arts carries on many traditions embedded into Lehigh's history, enriching the cultural atmosphere of the University.

About our Spain Tour:
Every other year, members of the University Choir, Choral Union, Glee Club, Dolce, and choir alumni travel internationally, showcasing their musical talents and acting as international ambassadors of Lehigh. This year, Choral Arts has the honor of traveling to Spain in the spring, bringing the rich history and prestige of the choral arts program abroad. This eleven-day tour will involve singing in historic venues, collaborating with local university choirs, and also allowing time for members and their guests to explore and learn more about the rich cultural heritage of Spain. Over one hundred participants will be on this trip, engaging in and sharing the joy of music found internationally.

Our Goal:
Our goal is to raise $15,000, which will ensure that we can send the entire choir to Spain. We are dedicated to sending the full choir on this trip, and thus we offer financial aid to those students who would otherwise be unable to travel with us. Therefore, in order to cover the amount of aid requested and send our complete choir on tour, we need to raise $15,000. Thank you for your donations and we hope to see you in EspaƱa!

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