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Caring for Cambodia

January 1, 2015
Support a group of Lehigh students traveling to Cambodia to implement water filtration systems in local schools.
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Caring for Cambodia Committee Mission
The Caring for Cambodia Committee fundraises and organizes supply drives in order to obtain supplies that are critical to students’ academic success.

About Caring for Cambodia
Caring for Cambodia is a non-government organization that works to provide and improve the education system for children (K-12) in the Siem Reap Province of Cambodia. Caring for Cambodia (CFC) sustains modern, technologically equipped schools, as well as mentors and professionally trains teachers. The organization has taken over 16 government schools in Cambodia, and is looking to expand to other regions of Siem Reap in effort to provide more opportunities to students in the area.

Caring for Cambodia national organization works closely with the students in the College of Education and the study of Comparative and International Education at Lehigh University. After being introduced to the mission of Caring for Cambodia during an information session, two undergraduate level students were inspired to take initiative and introduce other students to Caring for Cambodia's accomplishments. As more students became interested, a club called Caring for Cambodia Committee was started on the undergraduate level at Lehigh. The club was made in effort to assist the Caring for Cambodia school children in Siem Reap. The club has raised over $1,000, purchase more than 300 toothbrushes and toothpastes, carried out 3 school supply drives, and organized educational events to teach about Caring for Cambodia's mission as well as Cambodia’s history.

Caring for Cambodia Committee (CFCC) Goal
By supporting Lehigh University’s chapter of Caring for Cambodia Committee, you will be able to support our mission and make an impact on the lives of the Cambodia children.

Our Project
In June 2013, several club members visited the Caring for Cambodia schools while abroad on a Lee Iacocca Internship. After spending two months in Cambodia, the students quickly learned about the malnutrition and lack of resources in Siem Reap after the Khmer Rouge. While Caring for Cambodia itself has build quality infrastructure and has provided all necessary resources for the students, hydration and water quality remains a concern.

We will be installing and replacing water filtration systems at three different Caring for Cambodia schools. Like in many Southeast Asian countries, weather presents tremendous challenges to the community’s survival. During the summer months, there are large quantities of rainfall while the winter months are very dry. Consequently, the wintertime there are minimal water resources are available for the communities, especially the children at the schools.

Help us reach our initial $5,000 goal by making a gift today!

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