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Welcome to Ignite LU, a powerful network of philanthropy that supports Lehigh students. We’ve pulled together some of Lehigh’s most exciting student projects to give you the opportunity to fan the flames of creativity and innovation for our students. When you find a project that inspires you, make a gift to make a difference for Lehigh's students. Continue to help each project you support by sharing it with your friends and family on social networks. This helps increase the project's chances of successfully raising its goal. Learn about our current projects.

Have a question? We have answers; check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions below:

Who can start an Ignite LU page?
Anyone who is committed to helping raise funds for their student organization using their personal network of friends and acquaintances, who has a passion for Lehigh University, and wants to support the next generation of students. Organization must be a Lehigh campus recognized group with a designation code. If a group is not a campus recognized organization, please contact Aarsenio Perry in Student Affairs.

Is my gift through Ignite LU tax deductible?
Yes, like any gift to Lehigh University, all donations made through Ignite LU are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Does my Ignite LU gift count toward class participation and reunion giving goals?
Yes, all Ignite LU gifts made within the current fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th) count towards class year and Reunion giving participation.

Can I pay in installments?
Yes! Donors can pay in yearly, quarterly, or monthly installments. Contact Lindsay Kerr at with questions about how to make an installment gift.

What if a project is overfunded?
If a campaign raises funds above the fundraising goal, surplus fund will be used to enhance projects or preserved for future projects.

What if a project doesn’t meet the fundraising goal?
Each participating group has a unique designation number where gifts are directed. All funds, even if target goal is not reached, will still go to and will be available to the group at any point. If the project is unable to proceed due to lack of funding, the funds raised will be used toward future projects supporting the mission of the club or organization at the discretion of the faculty/staff advisor.

Is my Ignite LU gift eligible for corporate matching?
Yes, however, it can take several months for corporate matching funds to be sent to Lehigh. In the event the corporate match does not arrive before the project deadline, it will be applied to the respective club or organization's account for future projects.

My gift did not appear in the project progress right after I made it. When will it be included in the project total?
Thank you for your gift! Project fundraising totals are updated daily but gifts made take up to 24-48 hours to be processed. If your gift does not appear within two business days, you may email

More questions? Email us at