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Andrea Stanus '05 Memorial Group Scholarship

June 30, 2017
The Andrea Stanus '05 Memorial Scholarship will benefit a current music student at Lehigh.
$72 raised
$2,428 to go
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In honor of our 10 year reunion, the Alpha Gamma Delta Class of 2005 has created a scholarship in memory of our smart, talented, and beautiful friend, Andrea Stanus.

Andi graduated from Lehigh in 2005 with a BS in Biochemistry. Among her many passions was music. As an accomplished violinist, Andi played for the Lehigh University orchestra for 7 years, first as a high school student at Parkland High School in Allentown and then while a student at Lehigh. During our senior year, Andi won the annual concerto competition at Lehigh and was featured as a soloist during the final concert of the year.

After college, Andi worked in the pathology research department at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, where she later enrolled in the MD/PhD program. In these roles, she made contributions to the medical community by authoring and coauthoring several medical research publications.

Andi touched many lives at Lehigh. She had an unmatched wit and made so many of our days brighter with her humor. More importantly, she had a kind heart and those of us in Alpha Gam knew her as a true friend.

Please join us in remembering Andi's bright smile, infectious laugh, and constant hickey from playing the violin.

Honor Roll of Donors:

Parents of Andrea Lynn Stanus:
Nancy B. and Larry Knowles '05P
Leo and Diane Stanus '05P

Meredith L. Anderson '06
Joanna Albertine '04
Chelsea M. Avery '05
Daniel Bader '04
Krista L. Baughman '05
Helene Baugher
Peter F. Castellino '04
Kandice H. Cohen '05
Ashley C. Drane '05
Jonathan J. Havel '05
Lauren S. Havel '05
Laecy B. Heptig '05
Lauren Jenkins '05
Alexandra E. Kelly '05
Courtney A. Kelly '06
Michael Kowalski '05
Jill C. Laverty '05
Ashley Mayer '05
Maria E.Molinelli '05
Margaret Munley '05 '06G 'F/S
Erika D. Murdock Balbuena '05
Paul Pugliese '05
Amy E. Shotmeyer '05
David W. Tresner-Kirsch '05
Tara J. Tresner-Kirsch
Lauren P. Salvo '05
Arleigh C. Waring '05
Laura T. Tanner
Allison L. Williams '05

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