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Lehigh University Pride Center

May 31, 2017
Your gift provides programming, education, advocacy, & student support for all genders & sexualities, including those who identify as LGBTQ.
$5,375 raised
$5,000 goal met

The Lehigh University Pride Center for Sexual Orientation & Gender Diversity strives to foster a campus community where all students, regardless of their identity, can bring their full selves to all that Lehigh has to offer. Through programming, education, advocacy, & student support, we work toward inclusivity for all genders and sexualities, including those who identify as LGBTQ. LGBTQ student services have been institutionally supported at Lehigh for over a decade; however, there is still much work to be done, and campus demand for our services grow each year. Because of this reality, we depend on the generosity of others to ensure that we can fulfill our mission.

Your support for the Pride Center can make the following possible in the coming year:

Student Support
1. Henry Baird Scholarship: Each year, we offer a $250 scholarship to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence and provided exceptional service to LGBTQ communities on campus. Your gift would ensure that we can continue to offer this scholarship to exceptional students like our 2016 winner, Emma Strong, a women, gender, & sexuality studies major who serves as the President of Spectrum and the Logistics Coordinator for the SPEAK peer educators.
2. Conference Attendance: There are a number of conferences specifically designed for LGBTQ and allied college students - in the past, our students have attended Creating Change, the Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference, and the Northeast LGBT Conference, to name a few. Supplementing a student’s conference attendance means that they are not only able to have the enriching experience of attending themselves, but also that they are able to take their knowledge, experience, and ideas back to our Lehigh community.
3. Emergency Fund: It is still a heartbreaking reality that some students lose their family’s financial support upon the reveal of their identities. An emergency fund would allow for us to ensure that students in this position could access the fund to meet their basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter.
4. Student Staff Members: The Pride Center Student Staff are the cornerstone of our programming. In 2016, our team of five staff facilitated three lunch & learn discussions and implemented Speak Your Truth, a poetry & spoken word open mic event. Supporting another staff member not only allows for us to expand our programming, it also gives a student invaluable experience to both personally and professionally develop.

1. Pride Community: The Pride Residential Community is Lehigh’s gender-inclusive housing experience for all genders and sexualities where students can engage in learning and personal development outside the classroom. As the community enters its second year in the fall of 2016, support could allow us to make it truly feel like a home for those students who live there.
2. Pride Center Lounge: We expanded our space (formerly known as the“Rainbow Room”) in 2015 in order to accommodate the growth of our office and to promote increased traffic into our lounge. Our lounge is both a formal and informal gathering space for students and student organizations; it also serves as the host location for many of our lunch & learn discussions. By expanding our lounge, we are also able to expand our reach on campus.
3. Pride Center Library: Though we have a substantial collection of fiction and nonfiction books related to gender & sexuality, your support would enable us to continually update the collection so that it continues to stay relevant to student need. Additionally, the Pride Center’s collection of books is currently in the process of being cataloged by Lehigh’s library system so that it can be accessed by anyone within our community!

Outreach & Advocacy
1. Promotional Materials: Our promotional materials are critical components of the visibility of the Pride Center on campus. Additionally, they promote our message of inclusivity to prospective students and students who are new to Lehigh by enabling the Pride Center to have a strong presence at admissions and involvement fairs.
2. Film Screening: Films are powerful methods for engaging those students who may not otherwise attend a Pride Center event; our 2014 screening of the Hunting Ground drew over 100 individuals. Supporting our ability to do a film screening widens our reach across campus and educates the campus in an interactive and engaging way.
3. Speaker or Performer: Our student staff work with an incredibly limited budget to design and implement effective and engaging programs, and often identify speakers and/or performers who they feel could connect with students on Lehigh’s campus. Janet Mock and Ryan Sallans were hosted in the fall of 2014 during LGBT History Month and drew a wide audience from across campus.
4. Take Pride! Ceremony & Reception: Our end-of-year celebration honors our graduates as well as those who have done exceptional work for our community each year. Celebrating our victories is essential to the consistent work of creating a more inclusive campus, and revitalizes our students, faculty, and staff.

Please make your gift today!

If you have any questions, please contact our Director, Chelsea Fullerton at
For more information about the LU Pride Center, please visit our website:

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