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Gryphon Society Scholarship

June 30, 2017
Support this scholarship and help continue a legacy of service to the Lehigh community
$3,000 raised
$2,500 goal met

The Gryphon Society is one of the longest running organizations at Lehigh, and with good reason. Gryphons all share a common bond. We have all worked hard to make Lehigh the best place in the world to attend college and have counseled many young men and women throughout their Lehigh experience. Our shared experiences as Gryphons have taught us so much and have been so rewarding. We all cherish the many great memories we have and the friends we have made from our service to Lehigh as Gryphons. Gifts to the Gryphon Society Group Scholarship help continue this legacy of service to the Lehigh community in financial aid to current Gryphons and allow Gryphon alumni to carry on the mission of our storied Society.

Group Leaders
Adam Kohn '11
Sarah Thomson '13

Honor Roll 2016-2017
Sarah E. Thomson '13
Gina Mason '12
Jared Sulyok '10
Stephen A. Jasper '69
Lori A. Roth '84
Randy Cohen '84
Devin Tyman '09
Kevin Patel '10 '11G
Kevin Gregoire '95
Michael Butensky '10
Kate Robinson '98
Lydia Holiat '02
Billie Davis '02
David & Judith Phelps '62
Joann Giangiulio '92
Susan Sachs '77
Steven Scheibe '77
Mark Levine '92
James Rice '62
Thomas Grycan '85
Maryanne Grycan '87

Previous Honor Roll
Michael A. Butensky '10
Cassandra L. Florian '06
Elena K. Martin '16
Gina E. Mason '12
Jon M. Merwine '14
David Thomson '83 '84G '13P '18P
Sarah E. Thomson '13
Wendy L. Thomson '83 '84G '08G, '13P, '18P
Devin E. Tyman '09
Sarah C. Walter '08
Aaron M. Wilensky '12

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